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2010 end..
Never let this go

do you choose friends ?
Friday, September 17, 2010

i choose friends . dont think that friends is easy talk . who will be near to you went you in trouble or problem ?? you think that you will be with you boyf forever . . that is stupid thinking  . sometimes it be forever but its up to your attitiude , sometimes your bf love you . . because your body and your sluttiness . 
i hate friends that cheat and lie to be near with they bf . yes , very2 dislike . 
dont say to me ' sya lebi syg kamu , sya mau hepy ja sma kmu ' . i hate this word if you dont have strong prove . did you know what were your sying is ? you will nvr understnd what friends is . your just keep talking that friends is important with yr big mouth , but you nvr think or understand the word ' FREINDS'.
i dont hte this person . why do i have to hate if i say this ? jelous ? idiot . im not jelous of everything .
i just care because im one of a friend that love this person that im talking about . 

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