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im just a simple girl!
i love chowder.


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anis and feyo♥
soryyy ...sory for the blame i put on you guis ,i ...
everyday teardrops in my heart silently
new schoolT.T
this is what call "geng friend''
best thing i ever had~
2011 k.a.m.e-k.i.t.a

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i am a fan of chowder . wanna know why ?? read my reason .
1.he is purple 
2. cute voices when he laugh,cry and talk olso sing and shout 
3.he is short
4.always make jokes yang dia sndiri puwn tea perasaan
5.he could make cute song
6. his chowdering is almost like me
7. he is carzy also like me
8.he like to put blame on people but the tru is he fault
9.dia suka kasih kana urang yang tea bersala
10.stupid . idiot . shit like me 
11.dia suka kasih dirty tuh kitchen
12.suara dia tersumbat mcm ada langgou
13.dia benci akan c bunny yang mengaku2 c chowder gf dia
14.suka kc keluar air liur
15.the way he move his eyes and mouth also body

7:56 PM |
do you choose friends ?
Friday, September 17, 2010

i choose friends . dont think that friends is easy talk . who will be near to you went you in trouble or problem ?? you think that you will be with you boyf forever . . that is stupid thinking  . sometimes it be forever but its up to your attitiude , sometimes your bf love you . . because your body and your sluttiness . 
i hate friends that cheat and lie to be near with they bf . yes , very2 dislike . 
dont say to me ' sya lebi syg kamu , sya mau hepy ja sma kmu ' . i hate this word if you dont have strong prove . did you know what were your sying is ? you will nvr understnd what friends is . your just keep talking that friends is important with yr big mouth , but you nvr think or understand the word ' FREINDS'.
i dont hte this person . why do i have to hate if i say this ? jelous ? idiot . im not jelous of everything .
i just care because im one of a friend that love this person that im talking about . 

5:47 PM |
Friday, September 10, 2010

dis year is a big time for me . my time is full . everyday i saw book . everyday i feel tired . my eyes is getting weak and unstrong . feel i wanna sleep forever but can't . i have to make my mom proud , i have to make everyone proud . bt how ?? evrytime i dont understnd , ill keep fade up . . people around me keep on study with hard work , bt y me no ? , . when i need some teach from friend , when the say " sanang ja pun " i feel dissapointed to my self . i feel stupid , idiot , useless . . and feel like nothing . .

10:46 PM |
2010 end..
Friday, September 3, 2010

10:00 PM |