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Welcome To My Blog :)
My blog is simple, but the content is crazy.


Miss me

About Anne a.k.a Me
im just a simple girl!
i love chowder.


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PMR !!!!!!!!
 everybody love domo. i love this coloufull thang ...
i miss funfair ..
photographing ..
art is not ..
friend is love ..
walau pun ko gila ...
exam is near ..
yesterday was stupid nervous ..

i know i'm crazyB)
Sunday, November 13, 2011

i'm being crazy all the time.i hope people know that..
sometimes i play to much..i mean all the time.all the thing that people do sometimes on a certain time ,i do it all the time.i mean all the things that i do like laughing,playing,annoy act,morking,..
thiss is all the time.i've wonder i never even get fade up with this stupid attitiude of mine.
but actually i dont care as long as i enjoy and keep telling the true,real and reality.i twit all the time but sometimes twit are true.it depends on the type of person anyway.

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