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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

today,many things happen.
many problem float(haha)
i'm very dissapointed today.
especially the guy who make me furios and angry.
i hope you realised wht is yr bad attitiude,
cuss the more you keep on doing yr bad things,
the more i cant except you in earth.
i really hate you because you too rude to me.
dont affront people when you are not good enough.
even in front of teacher,you are verry rudisshh.
you better think twice before doing it.
cus everything you do,is not funny at all.
your funniest things only make people hurt,
you job is supposed to respect others.
but wht did you do???
make fuun of people name?
is that what your life is about?
you just brave to talk at the back,
but i knw you are just like chicken.
thats what you are.RUDE GUY.

11:19 PM |