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My blog is simple, but the content is crazy.


Miss me

About Anne a.k.a Me
im just a simple girl!
i love chowder.


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i wish you know that i miss u so much T.T
i know i'm crazyB)
PMR !!!!!!!!
 everybody love domo. i love this coloufull thang ...
i miss funfair ..
photographing ..
art is not ..
friend is love ..
walau pun ko gila ...

i'm muka-naparak for real~
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When the time i've got nothing to do and especially when i hve no friend around.
I will lie on my bed and get my foot near the closet and kick it at many time until i feel satisfied and until someone told me to shut it.Sometimes i row the pillow on my bed and i do the tanks ,me and my friend called it 'kereta kabal'.You cant try it and it feel fun but you've get tired and a little dizzy.Other than that ,i like to stir my ynger brother until he feel hottt !yeah !but he nvr fel hott ,thats why i love love love and love to stir him.
Last thing that i will do when i feel bored is taking picture with ugly or silly face .Like this .

its a type of animal face and their live at the sea.
so what is it ??
is a fishh ,darr !

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