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About Anne a.k.a Me
im just a simple girl!
i love chowder.


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soryyy ...sory for the blame i put on you guis ,i ...
everyday teardrops in my heart silently
new schoolT.T
this is what call "geng friend''
best thing i ever had~
2011 k.a.m.e-k.i.t.a
i'm muka-naparak for real~

anis and feyo♥
Sunday, November 18, 2012

somethg about them,sgt seronok.
somethng about them,mcm everything nee,.
something about diurg mcm evrydy i  really need them,.
somethg about them mcm everydy mo sma drg.
somethng about diurng mcm saya dn merka berdua,dtakdrkn bersma.
somethng about them,mcm smua illegal thing sa mo bt sama drg dua.
somethg psl mereka,y membuatkn saya suka cheak wikipedia.=.=hehe
somethng psl drg.mcm sa mo mkn jaa,
smthg psl drg ,dlm pkrn sa cola jaa ,.
somethg about them i wanna go far with them,
somethg about them i've learn many moral values,
somethg about drg ,drg selalu stay sma sa klo sa down ,klo sa sedih pndai kol2 c fyo 
dgn tdk tau malunyaa ,ihh ,suara mngs lg ..sa igt tuu ,haha
wooww .hebat jg kmu ne ,
but there's something about you two ..
i am scared to be alone and scared to be dumb from our friendship.
something about u guise*betul kai ni sa eja*
i feel very in love to our friendship and very in love to you two girls.

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